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Low cost storage. No deposit. No hidden fees.

Store your goods without leaving your home!

Secure, storage units. No padlock required.

Highly rated on Google & Check-a-Trade

A Cost-Effective Alternative to Traditional Storage Methods

We offer unique and cost-effective pallet and suite storage solutions that provide a convenient and flexible option for storing your belongings.

Palletised Storage

Our palletised storage is an ideal option if you need to store a small number of boxes or items, allowing you to create extra space in your home. Our professionally trained staff will load and wrap your items onto our storage pallets and catalog their content and location before they are stacked onto our palletised racking bays. This ensures that your belongings are stored off the ground level, providing added protection against damage and theft.

Cost-Effective Alternative

Our palletised storage provides a cost-effective alternative to a full-cost storage container. With our flexible storage options, you only pay for the space you need, allowing you to save money while still getting the storage solution that meets your specific needs.

Suite Storage

We also offer suite storage solutions, which are ideal for larger items such as furniture, appliances, and equipment. Our suite storage units are designed to accommodate your larger items, providing a safe and secure option for storing them.

Collect. Storage. Deliver.

We are a certified member of the RHA the only UK trade association dedicated to companies who move freight by road. In short, we can come to collect your belongings, store them securely, then delivery them to you, when you need them.

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